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Short and Sons Accountants was started by a Licenced London Black Cab Driver in 2017.

SAS was initially formed as Accountants for Taxi Drivers, in an effort to help cut taxi accountancy costs, and submit tax returns fuss-free and conveniently for drivers.


We are now serving over 130 drivers yearly, with more joining us every month and returns starting at only £250. We save our customers time by too, by allowing drivers to sign off their paperwork while ranked up, using just their smartphone.

We know that many drivers have income from other sources, like property income, PAYE Income and pensions. Whatever your situation, SAS can help.


We offer low fixed fees, and we are often available to meet you while working at Heathrow, or Waterloo. This unique feature gives Short and Sons a clear advantage over other UK taxi accountants doing Black Cab accounts. In short, we believe Short and Sons offer the best accounting solution for the London Licenced Black Cab trade. We aim to be the leading taxi accountants for Licenced London Taxi Drivers.

All Hackney Carriage Proprietors know there are little in the way of cost reductions, so every penny is critical to the Black Cab trade's survival.

Records & Receipts

Short and Sons offer the facility to use professional, secure cloud storage to store your receipts. This allows you to snap your receipts as you go, then dispose of the hard copy immediately if you wish. The Director has used this for maintaining our records, in the Taxi business and at Short and Sons Accountants. It reduces the space needed for paper receipts, filing, and it is simple to use. Proof of expenses should be kept for six years, so by using this solution, you know the evidence of costs incurred are safe and always at hand should HMRC wish to carry out an inspection. Once you are on board, please let us know if you wish to use this facility. We will set this up for you and send you your private link to a folder which can be password protected on your phone.


Should you not be located in London, Short and Sons can work remotely and cover all of England. We understand that being self-employed means taking time off to travel to an office isn't viable, and we have clients from Southend-on-Sea to Exeter.

Referral Program

We receive many recommendations from other Licenced London Taxi Drivers and offer a £50 discount. The payment is credited to your account once the new client has completed their return, and the credit is useable on your next tax return. You may refer as many people as you like, please make sure they mention you when making contact!

We do reserve the right to decline new clients if we become too busy. Our impeccable reputation is built on delivering high-quality service to our client base.

If you file your tax return today, you will not only know how much you owe but most importantly, you will still not need to pay anything until the 31st of January deadline! 

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