Self Employment


Tax Returns

Are you a contractor or tradesman? We are accountants for the self-employed and small business.

We believe we discover unclaimed expenses for well over 50% of the people that join us, saving many of our clients much more than the fees we charge. We are accountants for small businesses, whether you are self-employed or run a limited company.

Reporting of earnings in the most tax-efficient manner takes time to learn, and it changes regularly. Doing this correctly once a year for yourself often isn't cost-effective, and that's where our experience and focus can help.

We can help you in several areas:

  • CIS Reclaims of overpaid tax for Tradesman

  • Depreciation of Business Assets

  • Calculation of, and claiming finance costs

  • Apportionment of work assets used for work and private use

  • Mileage claims

  • Asset disposal

  • Directors Tax Returns for Contractors

  • Prior Years Tax Returns 

  • Combinations of PAYE, Self-Employment, Pensions, etc

  • Receipt Storage and Organisation

We claim for the latest personal tax allowances and draft a clear set of business accounts using the latest accounts production software, so you know your tax liability before we submit your information to HMRC. This will give you a clear understanding of how your tax has been calculated and the payments due.

How We Work

A Short and Sons Accountants, we do the work on your self-employment accounts and compile your paperwork for you to review before submission. Providing there are no changes, and once you are happy, we will need you to approve the information and sign-off the return. At this point, we will need payment. The return will then be submitted as is, and you will receive your tax return submission receipt from HMRC. Our payment can be made by transfer, credit card, debit card, in instalments or by cash.

Joining Short and Sons

Switching to Short and Sons is easy! We need to request a letter of authorisation from HMRC - so please email us​ or use our sign up form here​. All sole-traders are welcome; however, we may be swamped at certain times of the year, so we do reserve the right to refuse new clients if we believe that you will not receive the service you deserve. 

The authorisation letter takes 7 to 10 days to arrive, but if you are in urgent need of a quick tax return submission, please let us know. We may be able to free up a slot, draft and submit your self-employed tax return within 24 hours!

Many of our clients refer friends and colleagues, so we reward our clients with a £50 discount. This is credited to your account and is useable once the new client has completed their first return.

We have many very organised clients, but many who are not, so let us help you get on top of your situation. 

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