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5 reasons to use Short and Sons Accountants

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

If you need some motivation I wish to give you 5 reasons to come on board with Shortandsons.co.uk!

1. Simple sign up process - It's easy to switch to SAS! We have a simple one A4 page sign up form. We have software which allows you to sign up on your phone, tablet or computer without printing. Also, when it comes to signing off your accounts, you can sign on your phone too!

2. Knowledge and expertise in the field - We have 13 years as self-employed, nearly 20 years as a Landlord and 3 years running a Ltd Company. We can not only help you file your statutory accounts but also we will help you understand how the tax system works by email and writing articles. Your understanding makes our job easier!

3. Time to work - We will go through your income and expenses and will pause the process if we believe we can save you money by asking for some additional information.  Some Accountants need to rush the returns through and miss savings opportunities! We spend time researching and answering those challenging questions!

4. Convenience - SAS has software to allow remote working, like signing on your phone or tablet and cloud storage, but we can meet in London, Heathrow or elsewhere when necessary, but we can cover the whole of England using our software. Let's talk!

5. Responsiveness - Have you not heard from your accountant since you last filed? Have you spoken to their receptionist more than them? Here at SAS, we aim to get back to you the same day. Accounts and Information for mortgages and Tax Calculations from prior years are supplied free of charge via secure email!

PLUS - We pay a referral scheme bonus of £50 per new client that completes their first return. Get them to mention you, and I will credit your account! 

Still unsure? Call us on 07481 479933.

Sole Traders & Landlords - Fees from £200 per year (during promotions like Early Bird April).

Micro Ltd/Personal Service Companies - Fees from £480 per year.

FreeAgent Software and support from £25 per month with either of the above packages.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

With Thanks, Jason Short Short and Sons Accountants Ltd 07481 479933 | 01784 390021

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