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Looking for temp work while it's quiet?

Supermarket Sweep

Are you looking for part-time or full-time work while the city is still quiet? The obvious place to look is the supermarkets who have boomed in online delivery sales during the pandemic. It is often difficult to work out which way to go because there are so many choices to be made so here's a quick rundown from live results...

Company: Tesco

Pay: £9.40 PH for over 25s with more on Sundays

Perks: 10 Discount on food, 20% off Clothes, 20 Days Hol

Shifts: Assorted

Type: Various temp and perm

Web:  https://www.tesco-careers.com/

Company: Waitrose (Mill Hill example)

Pay: £10.29 to £12.14 PH

Perks: None disclosed, but rumours of 10% discount card

Shifts: Assorted across 7 days

Type: Permanent

Web: https://www.jlpjobs.com/search-jobs/

Company: Sainsbury's (Fulham, Townmead Rd example)

Pay: £10.65 PH (but from £10 elsewhere)

Perks: 10% discount card after 12 weeks

Shifts: Part-Time Assorted

Type: 3-month temp

Web: https://sainsburys.jobs/search-apply/?keywords=drivers&location=

Company: Iceland

Pay: £10.64 (Fulham Example)

Perks: Non disclosed

Shifts: 16 hours per week (in this example) and much more available

Type: Contracted and permanent

Web: https://icelandcareers.co.uk/

Company: Ocardo (Weybridge Example)

Pay: £10.60 to £15 ph depending on the time of day or at weekends. Evening on Sundays being the most lucrative.

Perks: Share bonuses, and Share discounts

Shifts: 4-week rota (if full time), short notice overtime which can lucrative

Type: Assorted hours

Web: https://www.ocado.com/careers/cloud/#/

Company: UPS

Pay: £11.81 ph to £14.52 (with C1 Licence)

Perks: Non disclosed

Shifts: 40 hours per week (7 am to 8 pm deliveries)

Type: Permanent

Web: https://www.jobs-ups.uk/

All of the above jobs are completed in their company vehicle, so are taxed, insured and fuel inclusive. There will also be a company pension scheme and holiday pay scheme for workers as standard.

If you are currently self-employed and wish to take on PAYE work, talk to us. We help many Black Cab Drivers and other self-employed people with their tax returns each year and can help you with most tax situations.

Fees start at £250 and sign up takes two minutes.

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