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HMRC correspondence looks Phishy

According to Accountingweb, "HMRC sent this email to a number of established self-employed traders on 26 February 2021, asking them to prove that they are still trading before they can claim the next two SEISS grants."

Accountants were not copied into this email, so they may be unaware that their clients have been contacted in this way. The taxpayer may also have missed this important message as HMRC is not in the habit of sending emails directly to taxpayers.

Phishing Emails

The specific HMRC email about the SEISS grant and it is not detailed under ‘emails’ in the list of genuine HMRC contacts, so it's not surprising that taxpayers would have considered it to be another scam.

However, it is important that taxpayers react quickly because if HMRC does not receive a response by Monday 22 March, the trader will be blocked from receiving further SEISS grants.

HMRC has also threatened to open a formal compliance check (a tax enquiry) into the taxpayer’s tax affairs, where no response is received to this single email.

To see the original email, click here.

Short and Sons believe communications like this should be communicated through the normal route, which is via post. This way, the taxpayers are as certain as they can be that the communication is legitimate.

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The original article can be found by clicking on Accountingweb.

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