We are Certified FreeAgent Accountants that can help you with your bookkeeping and accounts preparation.

Short and Sons have been using Freeagent to complete monthly payroll, bank reconciliation, invoice generation, and to automate our client payment reminders since 2017.


We have FreeAgent set to integrate with our online payment solution too, so our clients can pay via a credit card. If you wish to join FreeAgent, give us a call.

There are several subtle features within the software which make it suitable for people unfamiliar with accounting. When set up correctly, it can help minimise time spent on administration tasks. The explanations are jargon-free, and the interface is uncomplicated to navigate.

The dashboard allows a live view of your profit for the year, as well as your tax liability on that profit. At the end of the year, Short and Sons will input data and claim allowances not captured by the bank feed and drive the tax down further. 

The best bit of the FreeAgent experience is if you bank with Natwest, RBS, or Mettle you can get your subscription FREE. On top of that, if you are about to set up your bank, Mettle should be at the top of the list as they are FREE too. The combination of both of these can save a business £500 to £1000 per year.

If you need someone certified to help you with FreeAgent, bookkeeping, accounts preparation or would just like to ask about something before signing-up, please get in touch with us today, or go ahead and sign-up your Small business here.